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June 4, 2013
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Steampunk Weather Icon and Widget MkII by yereverluvinuncleber Steampunk Weather Icon and Widget MkII by yereverluvinuncleber
Now 1.0.8 - This is a decidedly steampunk icon and widget that you could certainly use for something. Not quite sure what, that is up to you to decide. You could use the icon as a link to any weather monitoring tool that you have on your pad or desktop... or simply for anything you like.

This Windows ICO file, PNG icon file and .WIDGET file are all eminently usable on windows/ Mac OS/X / Linux &c.

This .PNG is larger and has more detail so that you can resize if you wish or use "as-is".
The .ICO file is delivered in 256, 128, 64, 48, 32 and 16 byte formats.
The .WIDGET file is for use with the Yahoo widget engine.

The Steampunk Weather Widget (** New Version 1.0.8 with many new changes **) is a heavily enhanced and steampunked version of Bogdan Irimia's Digistation widget (with his kind permission). Displays local air pressure, temperature and humidity, as well as the general weather outlook in hundreds of cities around the world.

This widget requires Yahoo widgets and an internet connection to operate. Download yahoo widgets from here:…
(it has all you need to get started).

and the Mac version of the Yahoo widget engine here:…

This widget works with Windows XP SP3 and has been tested on Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS/X.

Latest version includes the following changes :

// .08 added alternative tooltip to the main glass
// .08 icao code not sticking beyond the initial selection
// .08 icao code now displays in the tooltip
// .08 certain feeds do not round their temperatures, add rounding
// .08 fixed the data GET from running twice
// .08 reduced the pop up pause
// .08 help glass - left chain description corrected
// .08 Added dblclick on surround
// .08 Added tooltips option and preference

The Instructions for the Steampunk Weather Gauge Widget are here:…

The only condition for downloading and using is that you leave feedback. Please leave a message and rate the icons/widgets as it is the only payment I get for creating this small desktop addition :D

You may use any of my images in your own creations but commercially only with my permission. In all cases I require a credit to the original artist using my name or pseudonym and a link to my own site.

Thanks! Do enjoy the icon and/or widget
Download just there on the right.
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rasionalsub Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Is fantastic.Very good job.This old style is much better from digits or whatever.
yereverluvinuncleber Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
I feel the same, glad you like it.
This is now 1.0.8. Have fun.
new version of weather widget coming that allows you to enter the metar code of your choice. Keep an eye out for 1.0.7
yereverluvinuncleber Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
New version 1.06 with some new and vastly improved graphics on the location selector. some controls have been moved and new ones added, additional menu items have been created. Might be one more minor version and that's it.
yereverluvinuncleber Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
I'm pleased you like it. I'm updating all my widgets visually and functionally, finishing those that I never fully completed. Each will work and operate in in true 'steampunk fashion'.

If you find time please vote for my latest creation on Rocketdock here: [link]
NolweNamiel Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
Another awesome widget! I really love it.
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