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February 4, 2013
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Rainmeter Skin for the Steampunk Orrery and Clock by yereverluvinuncleber Rainmeter Skin for the Steampunk Orrery and Clock by yereverluvinuncleber
Is this a piece of Space 1899 high tech? - perhaps the Martian attack has failed and the humans are returning to Mars for their revenge? Is it a piece of the Victorian space technology that human space farers might use in their quest for conquest of Mars?

Nope! It is simply a Rainmeter version of my previous Steampunk Orrery Widget. The Rainmeter skin is a straight conversion of the original steampunk orrery using my graphics for the front end. The clock is working, the cogs rotate and the clock tells the time. At the moment the advanced functions of the original Yahoo widget Orerry have not yet been transferred but this may yet occur... give me time.

You can download the Rainmeter widget here:…

(DA in their wisdom are hiding the download button, it is now beneath the "more like this" module, on the right...)

The hard work in converting the orerry was performed by a dedicated DA-er by the name of Mordasius: His skills in converting the YWE! widget graphics to rainmeter have been heavily relied upon. I have a lot of learning to do for the next stage. Mordasius has also used the moon shade images from from Visions+ by sgtevmckay… in this conversion, so credit where credit is due.

The original YWE! widget was created by myself using my graphics and the javascript code of Harry Whitfield. Harry's hard work isn't in the latest version but we worked so long and hard on the original that he needs to be credited too. The original orrery widget for the yahoo widget engine can be found here: yereverluvinuncleber.deviantar…

Mordasius' inspiration was founded upon my steampunk widget but in turn my own inspiration was based upon a superb blog navigation device on Ian Tregillis' site created by Richard Mueller of 3232 design. His superb bit of Adobe Flash was really inspirational and it made me want to complete it (the original only shows 50% of the device and was limited to running on flash only web-pages within the browser). My version will add functionality and will run on your Mac or Windows desktop. See the original here: - This link won't work well on ipads or other devices that don't support flash.

Don't want to bore you with too many links but you do need to note - This widget requires Rainmeter 2.5 to operate. Download Rainmeter from here:…

You may use any of my images in your own creations but commercially only with my permission. In all cases I require a credit to the original artist using my name or pseudonym and a link to my own site.
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yjh1412 Feb 21, 2014  New member
A wonderful work! thanks for sharing!
Are your other steampunk widgets available for Rainmaker too? (I kind of prefer Rainmaker to anything Yahoo)
Only one available for rainmeter. When you have a widget using a language it needs an engine to interpret it, all programs need a runtime engine to do that. You have most the runtime engines installed already that is why programs designed for the standrd runtimes generally work. For the widgets to run you need the Konfabulator Javascript engine commonly known as Yahoo widgets. There is no problem having more than one engine running simultaneously. Personally I have the Xwidget and Yahoo widget engine as well as VB6, .NET, Java. You probably have these last three too but don't know it. Fundamentally If you want certain widgets you need the engine too.
flamenhot Nov 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
can these appear on forums?
You can add links to the images of course but I assume you want to embed the widgets themselves. The widgets are designed to run with an engine installed. If you have the correct engine it will work on your own PC but the widgets are not web-enabled.
Incredible!! Thanks a lot :-3
glad you like it, improvements to come
Very beautiful ... I used your image here:… 253A1379287316
Thank you!
Thanks very much for the credit and the fine work. Sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner.
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